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Tile with hose openings


Tile with hose openings and sealing ring enables tight and reliable piping of insulated pipes of solar collectors through the roof.


Solar system by KM Beta a.s.


The biggest Czech producer of concrete roofing completes his product range with solar system and roofing accessories in order to fix it.


Unique under-roofing drainage system


Roofs without gutter - unique under-roofing drainage system. No more expensive gutters difficult to maintain. No more expensive reconstructions of roofs.


Calculation program for KM BETA roofing


The company KM BETA a.s. offers all who are interested an option to calculate consumption of roofing material in detail.


Why to choose KM BETA

LONG LIFETIME - All three types of concrete roofing KMB Beta and KMB Hodonka are produced by modern technology from the first quality input raw materials (silica sand from Moravian Sahara). Concrete matures gradually, that is why quality, together with stability of material, is increased as the time goes. Lifetime period of the roofing is estimated for 100 years. Owing to that the producer can provide a 30 year long guarantee period for roofing, including majority of accessories.

HIGH STABILITY - High stability of concrete roof tiles shows that it is not a frangible material. Sufficient load capacity of these roof tiles is particularly important in heavy-duty snow areas. Concrete roofing by KM Beta a.s. can bear more than 2000 N required by norms.

HIGH RESISTANCE - Lifetime period of roofing affects its resistance to a considerable extent. Concrete roofing is resistant to weather influences, such as UV radiation, gusts of wind or snow loading. It is also resistant to aggressive chemical influences of environment, whereas it does not require any practical maintenance. Another advantage is its self-cleaning ability. Weather conditions easily remove organic pollution, e.g. wet leafs from trees. Its fire resistance is excellent. It belongs to fire-resistant building materials class A1 that cannot be ignited or fired. It does not spread fire or release any harmful substances.

HIGH FROST RESISTANCE - Important property that supports long lifetime period of concrete roofing by KM Beta a.s. is resistance to frost. Roofing has a small absorbability up to 9% due to low content of pores in material. Therefore roof tiles by KM Beta a.s. satisfy, or rather exceed parameters required by the European standard EN 490 on roofing frost resistance tests.

SHAPE AND COLOUR STABILITY - Thanks to production technology and physical properties of concrete the roofing is particularly perfect and neither its shape nor dimensions are changed even in the course of time. Thanks to tightness of laying the roofing prevents from rainfall water penetration and acts not only as prevention of roof breakdown, but also as sanitary protection of internal setting. It prevents from formation of moulds that may endanger human health. Material is evenly coloured in its whole thickness and united in colour on its surface for the whole period of its lifetime. Resistance of tiles is increased by surface treatment of double acrylic paint. Individual shapes and surface treatments of concrete roofing enable to design and realize original and aesthetically impressive roof covering. KMB Beta and KMB Hodonka are produced in glossy and matt surface treatment and in several colour shades.

INSULATION PROPERTIES - Presently the trend of growing power supply prices and technical parameters of concrete roofing are emphasized most often, combined with ventilation and thermal insulation of roof which help to keep favourable temperature of interior in winter and summer months. Peaceful living is enhanced with good soundproof properties (sound of falling raindrops cannot be heard inside, roofing does not vibrate during strong wind).

ECOLOGY OF MATERIAL - Low energy demandingness of concrete roofing does not burden environment with large amounts of CO2 emissions. Eco-friendliness of this material is also demonstrated by its careful mining and utilization of natural raw materials that occur in nature in almost inexhaustible quantity.

EASY ASSEMBLY - Identical shape of tiles enables quick and easy laying. Grooves fit easily into each other and they do not leak rainfall water. In case one tile is damaged during the period of its using, only the particular piece can be replaced. There is no need to disassemble large area of the roof. It can be used for roof slopes from 12° to 90° in all climatic zones of the Czech Republic.

COMPLEX ROOF SYSTEM - Beauty of the inclined roof may be fully developed thanks to wide choice of roof accessories and supplements, produced mainly from concrete, by which KM Beta a.s. provides maximal functionality and lifetime of the roofing and also aesthetic value thanks to unicoloured individual components during the whole lifetime period. All products meet requirements of the highest European standards and qualities. Therefore the producer provides a 30-year guarantee for functional properties of the concrete roofing.

FAVOURABLE PRICE AND SERVICE - Technical advisers and regional managers of the company are always ready to give advice on using KMB Beta and KMB Hodonka roof tiles. They are happy to save time and care with processing of a free calculation of roof elements for the particular roof according to customer's requirements. The company shall provide transport of material to the place of construction. We can also recommend skilled roof tilers for maximum benefit from the roof. Favourable price of the concrete roofing by KM Beta a.s. (provided by individual regional managers) includes all advantages of a beautiful and functional roof.

- E-SHOP - well-arranged choice of products, favourable prices and complete service.
- These are the main advantages of this e-shop. Each interested person will be calculated necessary quantity of material, given advice on the most suitable choice of products and helped with his purchase.
- Take advantage of your purchase from home now, without difficult driving around building supply stores. You won't get such an offer of materials from other producer!



On these pages you will get basic information about roofing and sand-lime masonry Sendwix system. This modern masonry system is the first certified complete construction system and offers an ideal solution for energy saving, low-energy or passive houses.



We are the leading producer of the most required concrete roofing KMB BETA and KMB HODONKA. This top quality roofing with thirty-year tradition reaches the highest quality and is delivered to market not only to the Czech Republic, but also e.g. to Poland, Hungary, Germany, Estonia, the Netherlands, and of course also to Slovakia.


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